Lahairoi Ministries reached the nations by distributing Christian books and providing food and clothing to refugees affected by the war in the Middle East. Each of our events is carried out through efforts and generosity of volunteers.


Lahairoi Ministries translates and publishes Christian literature, sermons, and teaching materials in 12 languages. As far back as ten years ago, Christians in these regions used Christian literature translated in the 19th century. Concepts of faith, healing, resisting the devil’s power and other biblical teachings were strange for many of them. When Lahairoi Publishing started distribution of books with these teachings, a big wave of concern arose among the underground churches. Many of them, who were oppressed by the devil, and had incurable diseases were sure that those were punishments received from their Heavenly Father. They completely lacked the concept of GOD IS GOOD.


We testify with joy, that from the 2nd year of translation and distribution of the books, we already had obvious results. Those who read the books turn from being weary, fearful and terrified of constant persecutions, to faith-ignited, on-fire Christians, who were ready to pass the baton to the next generation. One had to see the excitement of those enlightened people, as they passed the words of faith to their hopeless brothers and sisters. We were stunned to see how the Spirit worked in their lives; we praised our LORD, as the blind saw, the deaf heard and the lame ran. PRAISE HIM FOREVER!


It was so overwhelming to see how the team of volunteers distributed little kids’ Gospel tracts among the children of the refugees. The books were translated into the children’s native language. These children, who lived in tents, had not had any books for two years. They were reading the kids’ Gospel with insatiable interest. Even their parents asked us to bring Gospels for adults.


It is amazing how Christian literature impacts people. And it is for a reason that GOD gave His commandments and plans to humanity through a BOOK.