Through Unshakeable Trust book, I destroyed a feeling of self-sufficiency in me, and started to trust our Lord God instead. Several days ago, something has happened to me; because of a wrong decision of mine, my whole family could suffer. I did not know what to do; for a whole day, I was thinking about it and trying to find a way out. However, in my heart, like a lesson just learned, I heard words from the Unshakeable Trust book. I understood that I had to pass a test of how much I trust our heavenly Father. Finally, I decided to give all into His hands, - my thoughts, my soul, my spirit, all my worries and fears, - like I have read in that book. Praise God, the Holy Spirit helped me! This experience helped me to see that all the books by Joyce Meyer are closely connected to heaven. I gave everything to the Lord, and everything was fixed! I saw that my God is the One who changes evil into good. Praise be to Him! Thanks to you dear Joyce Meyer and to your faithful Team for telling us about and teaching us the works of the Lord!

F. Narbeh, Minister

The Lord has appointed you as watchmen among the nations, Ezekiel 37.1-10. You will go among the nations and will see their pain and need, and will tell people about them. You will make Christians focus on those nations who seek God. .

Antioche Denomination, Pastor A.A.

Dear Lahairoi Team, I pray that you always have His leading inside you; He has enrolled you in a very special vision.

Word of Life (California)