The focus of Lahairoi Ministries today is the nations in the Middle East and the Central Asia. They have a great role in the last days, and the Lord spoke about them through His prophets. These are urgent regions, and further work of the Church, the Body of Christ, will be far more difficult, if it does not focus on these areas at the right time…


If in the past, we used to be informed from media about what was going on in the Middle East, now there is no need in this. Look around: there are Christians displaced from the Middle East everywhere. Every day one can hear about brothers and sisters, who have become refugees, about bans on Church services, beatings of Christians and persecutions. Everything is done so that Christians are kept in clutches of fear, restrictions, and poverty.


In the Middle East, biblical prophecies are being unfolded and fulfilled…


Be reminded, that everything started in the Middle East. The Salvation Plan, which is the main goal for humanity, was launched here. The Law and the Prophets were written, and biblical miracles took place here. Our Lord, the Light of the world, came to this world, was crucified, and made atonement for the sin of humanity here, and He rose again from here. The GRACE was given from here… The Acts of the Apostles started, the first Church was born; and Christian civilization originated from here… No, children of God are not dependent on earthly locations; however, our Lord still has work to do in this region. There are prophecies that are still to be fulfilled… Our Lord has chosen this region as the place of the beginning and the end of the Salvation Plan for humanity.


That is why hell is violent in its unrest, launching one war after another… The adversary is taking action! Day after day, the enemy closes this region for the Gospel even more. Moreover, he cleans this region from Christians. He strives to take possession of what is the inheritance of the children of God.

Therefore, the mission of Lahairoi Ministries is to give a helping hand to Christians, our brothers and sisters in this region, which is hostile to the Gospel, to preserve and develop the Christian culture which is disappearing, and most importantly, to prepare the way of Coming of our Lord.


“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations…” (Matthew 24:14).


We support people in this region by organizing Christian studies, translating and printing books in their native languages, strengthening them in faith and prayers.


Lahairoi Ministries gives a helping hand and pours its heart to the oppressed by the devil in the Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries, to reveal the Truth to them and to bring them out of their situation. By spreading Christian literature in these nations, we lift up the faith based on the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ in them and make them effective in spiritual warfare, so that they can stand for their families, be free of fear, and inherit salvation through Christ.