I know the Lahairoi Volunteers Team for years. I can compare them to the watchmen from the prophecies of Isaiah 21:8 and Habakkuk 2:1. I like their organized work, and the fact they give Him all the glory in all circumstances.

Pastor Jimmy M. Middle East

The Book Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer is very topical for our days, as we see in the Christian world, the Church and in the lives of believers, that there are many who are oppressed by the devil, and their lives do not glorify God in full measure. But we know, that it is written in the Proverbs: the Word of the Lord is healing even to the bodies of those who find it. This book exposes the fact that every problem in the life of a Christian comes from his/her mind. Joyce Meyer explains pretty well, where the roots of it are hidden. Christians often try to deal with the fruits and results, when they have to deal with the root, seated in their very mind. The Bible teaches us, that our warfare is not with flesh and blood, and in this book, we clearly see how a Christian can fight and renew his mind, to have a victorious life in God’s presence and full of His blessings.

Pastor, Armen Stepanyan

The book “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer has been a great blessing for me. I am shocked by her honesty (I have also heard many sermons by Joyce Meyer). Her relationship with her husband was a very important lesson for me. It is impossible to hear or to read Joyce Meyer, without having impression from her background. After reading book “Battlefield of the Mind”, so much has changed in my life (my wife can testify about this). My mind was changed, resulting in changes in my behavior and actions. Thank God for such a wonderful person. Thank you, dear sister.

Pastor, Artur Nalbandyan