The fear of God is the basis of our life, and I was grounded in this view. We love to speak about God’s love, grace and mercy, probably because audience wants to hear sermons about it. However as preachers and ministers we must present the Word completely and to be able to say like Paul the Apostle: “For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God”. Now I view the concept of the fear of the Lord more seriously. It is very important to distinguish it from phobias… Intimate relationship with God can release you from all fears. I laid a serious foundation by focusing on the fear of God, which is the prerequisite of intimacy with God. And as it is written in the Bible, “The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him.” If as a Christian I want to be established and successful, being a blessing to others at the same time, then intimacy with God is necessary for me as the breath of my life.

Pastor, Eduard Mkhitaryan

There is a portion in the Book, where the Author speaks about the position which a Christian occupies in the House of God, and if you occupy a position in ministry and do not use the authority given to you by God, it can have the reverse effect, and in this case the Lord will not be glorified. This changed my life. I was free from intimidation and pleasing men. I became more audacious than ever; in short, everything in my life took a new course. I have a principle: I will not accept any offer which is not consistent with the Word of God. It might seem great, but still be not from God.

Pastor, Khachatur Hakobyan

Having read this book I understood what I must battle, as I found myself under the influence of the spirit of intimidation. There were hidden fears that tormented me, which are already unveiled because of this Book. Praise the Lord and thanks to John Bevere for this wonderful Book! I think this must be read by every believer and preached in every denomination, as many shall be set free from hidden fears which keep people intimidated. And without acknowledging the real problem, they try to fix its consequences, namely disappointment, confusion, despair, etc. I understood that we can fulfill God’s calling on our lives only after we are free from intimidation. The Author hit the nail to the head by saying that like many tricks of the devil, fear is also hidden and unnoticed. We feel its consequences, like depression and lack of faith, without knowing the root of these. I thank God that now many can find freedom and right standing in God, like myself.

Anna Grigoryan